Canyon Nevidio


Can you imagine yourself swimming and diving through what used to be the most impassable Canyon in Europe? It used to be completely impassable except for professionals with alpinist and diving skills, but today Nevidio is available for enthusiasts and tourists willing to take challenging adventure. Until 1965 when the canyon was officially proclaimed, man’s foot had never taken a step in its terrible depth. Locals called it “unseen miracle” and pronounce its name with awe.

Today we pass through  3.8 km of the Cayon in organized groups, with whole gear. It takes at least 4 – 5 hours, the canyon cliff reaches about 450m height and on some parts it’s only half a meter width.

Entrance place of the canyon is one of the most beautiful and the most picturesque the Durmitor area. In the village „Poscenje“ at the canyon entrance, there are two glacial lakes and waterfalls „Skakavica“ that from a height of about seventy meters water poured of river Grabovica and empties into the river Komarnica.

Passing through the canyon is incredible adventure and when you finally run over, you feel like you’ve won a battle with nature.

  • Duration10 hours


  • Lunch
  • Instructor
  • Gear and equipment
  • Transfers from or to Dubrovnik area
  • Nature
  • Adventure
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