Our Story

I live in a fascinating region. I was born in one country, saw the transformation of that country into many smaller ones, only to become part of a big union again…and all that in such a short time. We can only wonder what will be our next adventure. Southeastern Europe, also called the Balkans, has always been the area of turbulences and adventures. We are at the crossroads of different religions, traditions, architectures. Somethimes it seems we manage to appreciate our differences, however there are also times when we use them as reasons to dislike each other.

Over the past years I have experienced that all the above mentioned makes it hard to understand our history and mentality, which lead me to create a special kind of approach to travel, with two main goals:
1. Learning about all different cultures which have created such a unique enviroment
2. Making great people in the region work together and appreciate each other, creating a better future.

All this is done through fun activities, cultural visits, sports events, and of course lot’s of great food and wine experiences! Tours listed on my site are only the most common ones, they can all be tailored to your wishes.
Tanja Bosnic / Lux Travel

Tourism for peace

We live in the world of changes and turbulences, our minds are filled with pictures of human suffering all over the world. Most of the problems are created due to the lack of knowledge, understanding and tolerance. The fear of the unknown. The wish to make the unknown less worthy than the usual, something we are familiar with.
In that kind of the world you can either surrender to the fear or try to rise above it and learn. Learn about different cultures, religions, traditions. You can try to understand. This is Enlightenment, and in long term it will work for peace, even though it does not seem so if we are paying attention only to a certain moment.

Our region is the perfect place for such enlightening work – melting pot of different religions, place where East meets West in a struggle to prevail, often forgetting they can actually enjoy in each other’s differences instead of creating hatred.

Traveling through our region you will travel much wider, spreading tolerance and peace.

WOW Croatia

American journalist/producer Ashley Colburn has won an Emmy Award for this documentary about Croatia. In this part of video I guide Ashley thru the Dubrovnik. Enjoy!